2016 Member Show Winners

Robert D. Libby

Robert D. Libby's work revolves around duality, two images often seen at once. Double and long exposure images collide with color and light on canvas. Libby paints out of Phoenixville and serves as lead art instructor at Perkiomen Valley High School.

Sandy Hackman

As a small child Sandy always had a passion for photography.  Her first camera was a Kodak Instamatic (circa 1965), with the individual flash bulbs and drop in film.  She graduated to flash cubes, and on to her first Polaroid.  In college, she purchased her first “real” camera at a flea market – Olympus OM1, fully manual, 35 mm film camera.  After taking the camera out for some “street photography”, Sandy would sneak into the dark room in the Materials Engineering department and develop her film and watch her images emerge under the red lights.  She had to shoot carefully with film, it was expensive and you had to measure every “click”.   Fast forward to the digital age, unlimited number of clicks makes it easy to practice.  Sandy’s eyes were opened to a new world of photography.  Her passion is working with people, capturing moments and emotions.  She adores when someone falls in love with their portrait.  Photography allows us to fall in love with light and see the world around us with fresh eyes every single day.


A 1982 Graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Materials Engineering. Sandy has worked for Johnson & Johnson for 30+ years on consumer products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Bob Hakun

Bob collects old, discarded items: some natural, like bones or wood;  some man made, like wheels or wire.  He looks for old things that show the graphic effects of aging: the beauty and harshness of the breaking down over time of all things. He looks for things that are burnt, broken, rusty, crushed, bent, and stained. These things have an implied history or narrative. The final art work will tell a story or convey a message, but the interpretation of that message is up to the viewer. Bob does want the art to have an emotional presence, but refined aesthetics are secondary to the context. 


A 1976 Graduate of Kutztown University with a BFA in painting, Bob worked in the toy industry, designing Halloween costumes and masks, and designing graphics for silk-screen printing. For the past 20 years, he has worked in the printing industry as a computer prepress specialist and a digital graphic designer.

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