Community Events

The Phoenix Village Art Center collaborates with other organizations to host a variety of local community events to get both children and adults involved with visual arts.  Events are held throughout the year, and range from special exhibits to hands-on participation.


A list of events is provided below.

Monthly Events

Time Bank Art Group


Come and join in with a group of artists on the 2nd Wednesday at 7:00. Art discussions, work nights and more!!

Coming up...

A special invitation goes out for local High School Artists to come create Chalk Drawings leading from the Farmers Market down to the Trail.  There also is an open invitation for artists to set up for Plein Air painting!!  Great views!!!

Program & Events for Phoenixville Trail Celebration                                                             

Saturday, April 25, 2015 11AM-1PM




(PEC Rep, Circut Rep, Boro Rep)

Bike Tour of Trail 11:15
Walking Tour of Foundry/French Creek 11:15
Musician @ Trail  11:15-12



Chalk Art on Trail  10 AM - ongoing
Bike Check Station  10:30-11:15
Bike Helmet Fitting  10:30 – 11:15
Table with info on circuit, SRTP, Green Team, Boro events 10 AM – 1PM
Plein Air Artists 10:00 - ongoing
Musicians @ Farmers Market  10AM - ongoing
Musicians @ Trail 11:15-noon
Bike Share     11-1


Past Events

In-Service Program for CCIU Art Teachers

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014


Schedule of events coming soon.

Empty Bowls Fundraiser- Free bowl-making workshops


Would you like to come and make a bowl to help support the Empty Bowl Fundraiser for PACS? Well, here's what you have to do:







Location Date



Phoenixville Area

Senior Center

153 Church Street

610 935-1515

9/9/14  12:45-2:00   Seniors ages 60+
Phoenix Village Art Center   9/10/14   7:00-8:30 pm   All Ages
Phoenix Village Art Center   9/11/14   7:00-8:30 pm   All Ages
Phoenixville Farmer's Market   9/20/14   9:00 am -1:00   All Ages
Phoenix Village Art Center   9/21/14   2:00-3:30   All Ages
Phoenix Village Art Center   9/24/14   6:30-8:30 pm   Teen Night

No registration necessary for these sessions. Individuals, groups, and families welcome! BYOB.


Glaze the Bowls

Location Date Time Ages
Food Truck Festival 10/4/14 12:00-6:00 All Ages
Kiwanis Community Day 10/4/14 8:00 am -3:00 All Ages

Phoenixville Area Senior Center

153 Church St


10/14/14 12:45-2:00 Seniors ages 60+

2014 Tin Foil Hat Competition Winners





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